Fun With Fonts: Type:Rider Is A Beautiful Puzzle-Platform Game On Typography

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“Which tab do I click on to get different font styles?” Steve Jobs asks, turning to look at his team. They have plenty to do before launching the Lisa and one employee dares to say that typeface isn’t a priority issue. With menacing eyes, Jobs fires him on the spot, yelling, “Get out!” Fonts matter.…

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Endangered elephants in Ivory Coast given lifeline

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The program, based in the Ivory Coast, aims to capture elephants in areas of danger and safely relocate them to the haven of a national park. Poaching and urban sprawl, possibly triggered by recent civil unrest, means the forest elephants’ traditional home of Marahoue National Park is not big or safe enough to live. The big move has taken a week and cost about a quarter of a million dollars, but animal welfare advocate Celine Sissler-Bienvenu says she’s proud of the progress they have made.

Elizabeth LaPrade‘s insight:

Wonderful! They need all the help they can get!

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