Why do we love snack food? | Penn State University

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Food science experts study why we love chips, chocolate and other famous Pennsylvania foods, and offer expertise to the state’s snack food industry.


Although the Steelers and Eagles didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, Pennsylvania and Penn State will still be represented on game day — on your plate. And more likely than not, Penn State experts have had a hand in developing, or evolving, many of the Keystone State’s famous finger foods.


While Nittany Lion alumni will represent Penn State Feb. 2 at MetLife Stadium, Pennsylvania food industries’ wares will be served at Super Bowl parties nationwide. Companies from around the commonwealth — referred to as the snack food belt — supply many of the Sunday afternoon munchies enjoyed while calling plays from the couch.

If your potato chips are from Utz, Middleswarth, Martin’s, Snyder’s of Hanover or Snyder of Berlin — just to name a few — the snack came from some region of Pennsylvania.

The state isn’t just about spuds. Pretzels, Peeps and peanuts also reign supreme. And of course, chocolate — Hershey and Mars among the largest. All kinds of sweet and savory foods are made in Pennsylvania, and Penn State researchers representing one of the top food science programs in the nation have helped improve companies’ products, including some famous brands not readily associated with the Keystone State.


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