Meditation Techniques: 2 Paths to Freedom from our Busy Minds – About Meditation

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These meditation techniques form the basis of every other meditation style and practice. Learn which one works best for you to foster inner peace.


Despite the huge variety of meditation techniques available to spiritual seekers around the world, there’s a secret that every meditator needs to know.

There are really only two kinds of meditative practice: focused awareness and free awareness.

Generally speaking, every meditation technique can be classed under one of these two categories, which have traditionally been called “meditation with seed” and “meditation without seed.” Both approaches work, and practitioners of one path typically think that their path is superior to the other path, but in the end, finding which meditation technique works best for you is what’s most important. Both focused-awareness and free-awareness meditation techniques lead to the same benefits: spiritual depth, inner joy and peace, and freedom from our busy minds.  So let’s take a brief look at what it means to practice a focused or free meditation technique.

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Even minutes a day can save your life…

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